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Why do you Choose Microfiber Leather for Car Interiors?
Why do you Choose Microfiber Leather for Car Interiors? Jun 18, 2022

Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber PU synthetic leather. It is made into non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network by carding and needling. After wet processing, PU resin is soaked, alkali reduction, peeling, sanding, dyeing and finishing, and then microfiber leather is finally made through PU dry veneer. It is the third generation of artificial leather after PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. The difference with PVC leather and PU is that its base fabric is superfine fiber instead of ordinary knitted fabric or woven fabric. Its essence is a non-woven fabric, but its fineness is only 1/20 or even finer of ordinary non-woven fabric fiber.


It is precisely because of the extremely fineness of its base fabric microfiber, and at the same time, through the immersion of PU polyurethane resin, it completely simulates the organizational structure of natural leather, and thus has more excellent properties that ordinary artificial leather does not have, from the structure It is closer to the natural fiber of the leather. To some extent, its high scratch resistance, high wear resistance, high tearing, high peeling, non-fading and other parts of the performance even surpasses that of genuine leather. At the same time, it also has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and environmental protection; uniform quality, efficient utilization, suitable for large-scale production, and beautiful price.

Microfiber leather is widely used in footwear, automotive interiors, furniture sofas, high-end gloves and electronic product jackets, especially in the automotive industry showing a rapid growth trend year by year. It is also because of the technical principle of microfiber synthetic leather, a cross-industry product and sea island microfiber with similar structure and performance of bundle collagen fibers in natural leather, it is very suitable for application in car seat cushions.

According to relevant statistics, the automobile industry has made rapid development in the past decade, with about 24 million cars in China in 2015. Among them, there are up to 18 million passenger cars. Based on the calculation of 10 square meters of seat leather per car, the 30% uses environmentally friendly island microfiber leather. Passenger cars alone need 54 million square meters per year. Half of the fabric seats in the car aftermarket are modified. Some used cars need 5000-80 million square meters of leather and microfiber leather. Because leather processing is an industry with a large amount of sewage treatment, it has caused serious pollution. The replacement of genuine leather with microfiber leather will also be the main development trend in the future.

Thus, due to environmental factors, national policies and the global automobile market, microfiber leather has become a better substitute for genuine leather.

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