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  • "Green" Consumption Awareness in the Post-epidemic Era
    "Green" Consumption Awareness in the Post-epidemic Era May 21, 2022
    In terms of consumer culture, The "green" consciousness of Chinese consumers has begun to take the lead in the global market. According to Accenture's China Consumer Research 2021: Post-PANDEMIC Report, 55 percent of Chinese respondents said they would place more importance on "corporate sustainability and ethical values" in the post-PANDEMIC era. Consumers in China and the rest of the world are considering the extent to which they are linked to price when choosing a brand, according to accenture's ninth COVID-19 survey. The results of a study conducted by MII in collaboration with North Mountain Consulting Group show that acceptance of the next generation of leather products is extremely high in Chinese cities. Ninety percent of respondents said they prefer the next generation of leather (faux leather) to traditional leather, and 70 percent said they are very likely to buy the next generation of leather. According to the report's qualitative research, the next generation of leather (pu leather) proponents are motivated to consume the products' Altruistic benefits in terms of the environment and animal welfare, while innovation, fashion and affordability are also taken into account.
  • Characteristics of Microfiber Leather
    Characteristics of Microfiber Leather Jun 23, 2022
    Microfiber Leather has the following characteristics: The folding fastness can be comparable to that of natural leather. The bending at normal temperature can reach 200000 times without cracks, and the bending at low temperature (-20 ℃) can reach 30000 times without cracks (good temperature resistance and mechanical property).  Moderate elongation (good skin feeling).  High tear strength and peel strength (high abrasion resistance, tear force and tensile strength).  There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental protection performance is superior. Luxurious appearance, various colors and textures can meet your unique custom design. It has a strong three-dimensional sense on the surface details, and has a good pattern effect on the texture; high performance hydrolysis resistance and durability. The roll has regular size, uniform thickness, high utilization rate and high production efficiency. Light weight, 30% lighter than natural leather, which can meet the design requirements of light weight and fuel economy. Easy to clean and maintain. Save your time and money. Strong environmental protection, meeting environmental protection standards: RoHS, EU REACH, etc. WINIW top-level microfiber Leather are highly technological and will be more expensive than genuine leather for high-end applications. The appearance effect of Microfiber leather is the most like that of leather. Its thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brightness and leather surface utilization are also better than natural leather. It has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. If there is dirt on the surface of microfiber skin, it can be scrubbed with high-grade gasoline or clean water. It must not be scrubbed with other organic solvents or alkaline substances to prevent quality damage. Service conditions of microfiber leather: the heat setting temperature shall not exceed 25 minutes at 100 ℃, 10 minutes at 120 ℃, and 5 minutes at 130 ℃.
  • How about PU bag?
    How about PU bag? Jun 24, 2022
    For various reasons, PU Leather bags are the daily choice of most people. Is PU Leather bags good? The artificial leather produced with PU resin as raw material is called Pu artificial leather (PU leather for short), that is, PU leather. The artificial leather produced with PU resin and non-woven fabric as raw material is called PU synthetic leather (PU synthetic leather for short). PU leather bag is characterized by wear resistance and durability. If it is well maintained, its service life is very long. However, PU leather is of good or bad quality. Many big brand leather bags use high-quality PU leather. PU leather is generally the second layer of leather material whose reverse side is cow leather. A layer of PU resin is coated on the surface, so it is also called film coated cow leather. Its price is relatively cheap and its utilization rate is high. With the change of process, it is also made into varieties of various grades, such as imported two-layer leather. Due to its unique process, stable quality, novel varieties and other characteristics, it is the current high-grade leather, and its price and grade are no less than that of the first layer leather. Based on the principle of environmental protection, PU leather not only has the texture of genuine leather, but also is very strong and durable. Due to the influence of Animal Protection Association and the development of technology, the performance and application of PU leather have exceeded that of natural leather. Compared with leather, PU leather has the advantages of lighter weight, waterproof, not easy to swell or deform after absorbing water, environmental protection, light smell, easy care, low price, and more patterns can be pressed on the surface.
  • Does Recycled Leather Include Artificial Leather?
    Does Recycled Leather Include Artificial Leather? Jun 27, 2022
    The definitions of recycled leather and artificial leather are different. Artificial leather is made from foamed or coated PVC and Pu with different formulas on the textile cloth base or non-woven cloth base. It can be processed according to the requirements of different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance, color, luster and pattern. It has the characteristics of a wide variety of designs and colors, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and low price compared with leather. Recycled leather is the use of leather scrap, after processing, into a whole piece of leather. However, the handle and elasticity of most artificial leather can not reach the effect of leather; In its longitudinal section, you can see fine bubble holes, cloth base or surface film and dry man-made fibers. It is a very popular material from the early days until now. It is widely used to make various leather products or some leather materials. Its increasingly advanced manufacturing technology is being widely used in the processing of double skin. Nowadays, the artificial leather with the characteristics very similar to leather is available for production. Its surface technology and the fiber structure of the base material almost reach the effect of leather, and its price is also the same. But leather and imitation leather (recycled leather and artificial leather) cannot be compared: Unique hygiene (natural pores and fibers) and durability.
  • Types of Artificial Leather
    Types of Artificial Leather Jul 01, 2022
      Synthetic leather is generally divided into: The first is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which burns to produce water, carbon dioxide, chlorinated compounds, and even chlorine gas; It is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other matching agents, coated or glued to the fabric, after a certain processing process and made of wake up products. In addition, there are double sided PVC artificial leather with plastic layers on both sides of the substrate.   The second is PE (polyethylene), which, when fully burned, theoretically produces only water and carbon dioxide. The third, and most common, is PU leather, which, when fully burned, produces water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and small amounts of nitrogen-containing compounds. Polyurethane artificial leather is divided into dry polyurethane artificial leather and wet polyurethane artificial leather. The so-called dry polyurethane artificial leather refers to the solvent based polyurethane resin solution volatilized off the solvent, the multilayer film and the substrate formed by the multilayer structure. The wet polyurethane artificial leather is a multi-layer structure with good air permeability and moisture permeability, and a continuous porous layer, which is made of solvent-based polyurethane resin and water film forming method.   Artificial leather can be divided into many types because of the different synthetic resin used in artificial leather, different types of base materials, different production methods, whether there is foaming and different uses. Now artificial leather by the use of synthetic resin, production technology and use of classification.
  • How about Synthetic Eco-Friendly Leather?
    How about Synthetic Eco-Friendly Leather? Jul 01, 2022
    With the progress of economic development, leather plays an increasingly important role in People's Daily life, and artificial leather with good quality and reasonable price has become the most popular product for people. It brings us beautiful, noble and comfortable. Because we are in contact with so much, but artificial leather is a chemical product after all, is it harmful to our body? According to each environmental protection requirement grade, man-made leather can be divided simply: leather of blame environmental protection, common environmental protection and leather of advanced environmental protection. With the different level of environmental protection, the general price is also different, and the environmental protection situation is not the same. Non-environmental protection leather is generally cheap, mostly used in industrial products, infrastructure and other people do not need to contact more often. However, as the world attaches more and more importance to environmental protection, leather without environmental protection has been gradually reduced in various fields. Ordinary environmental protection eco leather, have an impact on the composition of people, are strictly controlled, to achieve the detection standards, is already can rest assured use. At present, like high-grade bags, hotels and families are decorated with environmentally friendly leather. Advanced environmental protection leather is European standard environmental protection leather, in simple terms, is a little higher than ordinary environmental protection detection standards. This kind of leather is not harmful to human skin and health. With the development of science and technology, artificial leather has gradually met the requirements of human beings in environmental protection, in the performance of some leather has surpassed the performance of genuine leather.WINIW have more than 300 items to choose from from stock.  
  • What is Suede Microfiber Leather?
    What is Suede Microfiber Leather? Jul 08, 2022
    "Suede microfiber PU synthetic leather" is abbreviated as suede microfiber leather. Generally, island structured fiber nonwovens are used as the base material, impregnated with polyurethane resin and solidified to form microfiber and polyurethane composites, and then the microfiber leather base cloth is obtained through fiber opening (toluene reduction or alkali reduction), and then the suede microfiber leather with wear resistance, air permeability and aging resistance is prepared through post-treatment processes such as sanding and dyeing. The surface of suede microfiber leather is similar to that of suede, with fine suede feeling and wear resistance, and its mechanical properties are higher than those of suede and suede textiles. The suede super fiber leather used for car seats is higher than suede fabric in terms of pile feeling and wear resistance, so as to reflect its high-end and fashionable style. In order to achieve short, dense, soft and wear-resistant fluff, high requirements are required for the fiber opening of island fiber and the density of needle punched non-woven base fabric. Because of its high-end fashion, wear resistance, shape diversity and other advantages, suede microfiber leather has been widely used in shoes, clothing, sofas, gloves and decorative supplies all over the world. Winiw's Suede microfiber leather has been liked by many customers because of its good quality and delicate feel.
  • What Material is Recycled Leather?
    What Material is Recycled Leather? Jul 09, 2022
    Regenerated leather has both the characteristics of genuine leather and PU leather, and is a very common leather fabric today. So what is recycled leather? Let's take a look at recycled leather. Regenerated leather is to pulverize leather or recycled leather raw materials into leather fibers of a certain size, and then mix it with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, and then compress it into a filter cake; heat the filter cake to make the fibers on the surface layer. Melting is viscous, and each layer is extruded, bonded, dehydrated, dried, sliced, embossed and surface treated to obtain the final product. The regenerated leather has the advantages of moisture absorption and air permeability, and the good workmanship also has the advantages of leather-like softness, elasticity, light texture, strong resistance to extreme high and low temperature, and wear resistance. However, the strength of recycled leather is worse than that of leather of the same thickness, and of course it is worse than PU, so it is not suitable for leather goods with high stress such as shoe uppers. Recycled leather is the use of tanning waste and the scraps produced in the processing of leather goods, which are recycled and processed into high value-added products. As an interlayer, recycled leather replaces cardboard with its unparalleled texture, elasticity, toughness, moisture resistance and processing adaptability; as a fabric, recycled leather can exhibit various performance effects through embossing, printing, and PU compounding processes, which are widely used in a wide range of applications. It is used in the production of leather goods, furniture, book covers, etc.  
  • Pay Attention to Leather Maintenance
    Pay Attention to Leather Maintenance Jul 11, 2022
      The main ingredient of cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin is protein, so they are susceptible to moisture, peeling and worms. To this end, when wearing leather clothes, avoid contact with oily, acidic and alkaline substances.  Leather is best worn frequently and often wiped with fine flannelette. If you encounter rain, damp or mildew, you can wipe off water stains or mildew spots with a soft dry cloth. But do not rub with water and gasoline, because the water glue leather hardens, and gasoline can make the leather oil volatilize and crack.  The pu leather is wrinkled and can be ironed with an ironing fan. The temperature can be controlled between 60 and 70 ℃. Use thin cotton cloth as a lining when ironing, and keep moving the iron at the same time.  Leather loses luster, can be polished with leather polish, do not use shoe polish to wipe. In fact, it is not difficult to polish the leather, as long as you gently wipe it on the leather coat with a cloth dipping polish-twice. Generally, as long as every two or three years on a second light, in order to keep the leather soft and glossy, and can prolong the service life.  If the leather is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it is a small crack, you can apply some egg white on the crack, and the crack can be bonded.  When the leather is not worn, it is best to use a clothes hanger to connect it; of course, it is also possible to put it flat, but put it on top of other clothes, so as not to crush and wrinkle it and affect its appearance.  The faux leather should be hung before collection, not exposed to the sun, and can be ventilated in a cool and dry place. In order to keep the leather beautiful in color for a long time, you can apply a layer of milk or glycerin on the leather before collection, so that it can be stored for a long time without changing color.
  • The difference between Microfiber Leather and PU Leather
    The difference between Microfiber Leather and PU Leather Jul 12, 2022
    Microfiber leather and ordinary PU difference, this is a lot of consumers are very concerned about the problem, today for you to explain. The difference in price. At present, the general price range of ordinary PU leather on the market is 15-30 meters, while the general price range of microfiber leather is 50-150 meters, so the price of microfiber is several times that of ordinary PU. The surface performance is different. Although the surface layer of microfiber leather and ordinary PU are polyurethane resin, and ordinary PU popular for many years will be much more in color and style than microfiber leather. But generally speaking, the polyurethane resin on the surface of microfiber skin has stronger wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and color fastness and texture than ordinary PU. The fabric material is different. Ordinary PU is made of knitted fabric, woven fabric or non-woven fabric and coated with polyurethane resin. Microfiber skin is made of microfiber non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure and coated with high-performance polyurethane resin. The difference of substrate material, technology and technical level has a decisive effect on the properties of microfiber leather. Different performance. Microfiber leather is superior to ordinary PU in strength, wear resistance, moisture absorption, comfort and other performance indicators. In layman's terms, it's more like leather, more durable, and feels better. Market prospect. Due to the low technical threshold, serious excess capacity and fierce competition in the general PU market, the products are reduced in production and materials, which is incompatible with the increasingly upgraded consumption concept, and the market prospect is worrying. However, due to the high technical threshold and limited production capacity, the product performance is increasingly recognized by consumers, and the market has a large space to rise. Microfiber leather and PU represent the products of synthetic leather in different development stages and different technical levels, so they have a certain substitution effect. It is believed that with the recognition of more and more people, microfiber leather will be more widely used in all aspects of human life.
  • How do you Distinguish Leather?
    How do you Distinguish Leather? Jul 15, 2022
    How to distinguish so many kinds of Leather? Today I will teach you how to distinguish. Leather kinds of leather have similarities in appearance and internal structure, such as horse skin and cow skin, cattle skin and yak skin, donkey skin and sheep skin, kangaroo skin and calf skin, etc. With the improvement of leather processing technology, leather can be beyond recognition after finishing, decoration and imitation embossing. Some of its original features are covered, and then after cutting, segmentation and exquisite sewing, it is almost difficult to identify what kind of leather it belongs to with the naked eye. In order to pursue profits, some manufacturers will take advantage of the similarities in the appearance of different leather to steal beams and change pillars or adopt matching methods in the production, such as using horse skin as cow leather, yak skin as cow leather, donkey skin as sheep skin, etc. In businesses, it is also common to hang the logo of "genuine leather" or "cow leather" on leather products. In order to promote their own products, individual salespersons did not make a detailed introduction, resulting in customers' wrong selection and purchase. Here are some common identification methods: Comparison between cow leather and horse leather: the pores on the surface of cow leather are round and extend straightly into the leather. The pores are tight and uniform, arranged irregularly, like stars in the sky; However, the pores of horse leather are oval, larger than those of cow leather. They are inclined into the leather in a vein shape and arranged regularly. The leather surface is soft and loose, and the color is dim and bright, which is not as good as cow leather. Comparison between cattle hide and yak skin: cattle hide has relatively symmetrical fine pores, while yak skin has relatively thick and sparse pores. Comparison between sheepskin and donkey skin: sheepskin has fish scale pores and feels better than donkey skin. In recent years, with the growth of people's knowledge about the medicinal properties of donkey skin, donkey skin is rarely used in handbags.   Compared with pig skin, cow skin has fine and dense pores, irregular arrangement, and smooth leather; The pores of pigskin are arranged in a triangle shape, and the cortex is loose.
  • How to Deal with Stains on Microfiber Leather? Jul 18, 2022
    In life, we wear clothes or leather shoes, car seats, soft bag background walls and other ultra fiber leather products. It's very easy to encounter oil stains when eating, so share several ways to deal with the treatment after encountering oil stains. When cleaning the product, you can directly brush the oil stains with detergent. If it is not black, red and other dark colored fabrics, you can gently brush with washing powder. Pure white fabric can be removed by directly brushing the oil stains with a toothbrush with thinner bleach (1:10 dilution). Soak in detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent to each basin of water and stir evenly), and then make routine treatment. Before cleaning, dilute it with oxalic acid, wipe the contaminated area with a toothbrush, and then conduct routine treatment. Treatment method of fabric fading (except black fabric): Soak in concentrated brine for 1 minute Replace salt water with clean water, and gently brush evenly with a soft brush of soapy water. Treatment of mildew:  Soak in 40 ℃ warm soapy water for 10 minutes, and then carry out routine treatment. For products with pure white fabrics, after soaking in soapy water, put the moldy place in the sun for 10 minutes, and then carry out routine treatment. If there are a few wrinkles or cracks in the leather bag, you can apply some egg white first, and then apply oil. If it is a large wrinkle, you can fill the wrinkle with paraffin. Iron with an iron. Some soap or wax on it, and the zipper can be pulled. After nearly half a year of storage, the leather fibers in the super fiber leather are prone to dry and brittle, and the bottom shrinks and deforms. At this time, don't rush to use it hard. Brush a layer of water on the bottom. The bag will stretch out naturally every other day and return to its original state.
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