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Microfiber Synthetic Leather
Microfiber Synthetic Leather Apr 21, 2022

Microfiber Synthetic Leather


Synthetic Leather is a kind of leather made of Microfiber, which is a kind of artificial leather after the raw material is processed.

The advantage is that Microfiber Synthetic Leather is closer to natural leather in texture and appearance than artificial leather, and has excellent breathability and synthetic leather is beautiful and lustrous, and lighter in quality, waterproof, not easy to swell after absorbing water, the most outstanding point is synthetic.


Microfiber Synthetic Leather is a kind of leather made by processing chemical materials, choosing non-woven fabric as the base material, then adding artificial coating material (PU) on the front and back side, the Microfiber Synthetic Leather has the same texture and appearance as the real leather. The difference between Microfiber Synthetic Leather and artificial leather is the difference between base material and coating, the base material of synthetic leather is non-woven fabric and artificial leather is textile fabric, the coating of artificial leather is PVC.


Advantages of Microfiber Synthetic Leather:

First of all, the functional characteristics of synthetic leather are closer to natural leather than artificial leather, synthetic leather has excellent breathability and good luster,

Secondly, it has excellent wear resistance than genuine leather, the products made of it are not easy to be damaged and have certain corrosion resistance, the key point is that synthetic leather is produced in large quantity and cheap, it can be used as a substitute for real leather.

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