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How to Distinguish Leather and Imitation leather
How to Distinguish Leather and Imitation leather May 21, 2022

Furniture of choose and buy, especially when high-grade sofa, it is emulative skin obviously but the sofa that tells you is dermal make it however, the price is not poor more. A lot of people are not clear how to distinguish the dermis in leather furniture and simulation skin, when this is buying leather furniture, it is a chief big problem. Here are some simple ways to do this:

Touch method:

Touch the surface with the hand, dermal feel is smooth and exquisite, soft elasticity is good, and copy skin feel is stiff, without elasticity.

Press method:
Press the surface forcibly with the finger, dermal force point sinks as the finger, form meticulous drapey pattern, after letting go, it can be restored quickly as is. And imitation leather due to the hard cortex, finger press force point will form a round pit, there is no wrinkle near, let go after the recovery is relatively slow. Popular point, if the skin grain to press the aggregation, that is genuine leather.

Skin picking method:

Is to use fingernails to pick on the skin, if the scratch will be restored immediately, basically can be sure that it is leather, if the recovery is slow or not, then it is artificial leather.

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