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Is Microfiber Leather Genuine Leather?
Is Microfiber Leather Genuine Leather? Jun 18, 2022

Microfiber leather is not genuine leather, the full name of microfiber leather is "microfiber reinforced leather". It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, strong flexibility and the environmental protection effect now advocated.

Microfiber leather is recycled leather, feel soft than leather, microfiber leather, belongs to synthetic leather in 1 newly developed high-grade leather, belongs to the new type of leather. Because of its wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the most ideal choice to replace natural leather.

Practice has proved that the excellent properties of microfiber leather cannot be replaced by natural leather. From the analysis of the global market, microfiber leather has also replaced a large number of natural leather with insufficient resources. The use of microfiber leather for luggage, clothing, shoes, car decoration and furniture decoration has been increasingly recognized by the market. Its wide range of applications, large quantities, and many varieties cannot be satisfied by traditional natural leather.

Because of the influence of the Animal Protection Association and the maturity of technology, the performance and application of artificial leather exceed that of natural leather. Microfiber leather, also known as regenerated leather, is the fibrous tissue of the base imitating the dermis and is currently the best in artificial leather. Exquisite simulation technology is used during processing, which makes the surface very close to the leather texture of the leather, and the hand feel is hard, so it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the two. Microfiber leather has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance and aging resistance, but the price is cheaper than genuine leather, so it is deeply loved by consumers.

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