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What Material is Microfiber Fabric?
What Material is Microfiber Fabric? Jun 18, 2022

Microfiber cloth is a high-tech imitation leather product. The product is a simulated leather structure.

It uses island-type ultra-fine nylon fiber (bundle-shaped ultra-fine fiber) and high-grade polyurethane resin as raw materials, and is refined by a number of high-tech products. It has been widely popular all over the world. The performance of microfiber leather is better than that of dermis, and the surface effect can be consistent with that of dermis; tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc. are beyond dermis, and cold resistance, acid resistance, and no fading; light weight, good softness and air permeability, Smooth and feel good; neat and non-wear cut surface; it has the environmental protection characteristics of antibacterial, mildew-proof, mothproof, and no harmful substances. Because of its advantages of easy tailoring, high utilization rate, easy cleaning, no peculiar smell and environmental protection, the products are widely used in shoe making, luggage, furniture, car decoration, clothing, packaging, electronic digital industry, etc.

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