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Microfiber leather can be used for several years?
Microfiber leather can be used for several years? Jun 18, 2022

Microfiber leather is the best artificial leather. The skin pattern is very similar to that of genuine leather. It feels a little soft. It is difficult for outsiders to distinguish whether it is genuine leather or recycled leather. Microfiber leather, all called microfiber simulation sofa leather, also called recycled leather, belongs to a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather, not genuine leather. Because of its wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture and beautiful appearance, it has become an ideal choice to replace natural leather. The natural dermis is "woven" by many collagen fibers of different thicknesses. It is divided into two layers: a granular surface layer and a mesh layer. The granular surface layer is woven by extremely fine collagen fibers, and the mesh is woven by thicker collagen fibers.

The normal service life of the general microfiber leather is 3-5 years, and the high-quality leather will be correspondingly longer. It is rarely used for ten years.

Some of the top microfiber skins are highly technological and will be more expensive than genuine leather for high-end applications. The appearance effect of microfiber leather is the most similar to leather. Its product thickness uniformity, tear strength, color vividness and leather utilization rate are better than natural leather. It has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. If there is dirt on the surface of the microfiber leather, it can be scrubbed with high-grade gasoline or clean water. Do not scrub with other organic solvents or alkaline substances to prevent quality damage. Use conditions of microfiber skin: heat setting temperature shall not exceed 25 minutes at 100 ℃, 10 minutes at 120 ℃ and 5 minutes at 130 ℃.

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