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How to Protect Synthetic Leather Furniture?
How to Protect Synthetic Leather Furniture? Jun 18, 2022

Many furniture uses synthetic leather as the surface, such as sofas, chairs, etc. They have beautiful surface, good contact, and wear resistance, kneading resistance, hydrolysis resistance, crack resistance, and spalling resistance. Therefore, they are very popular with consumers.

Synthetic leather and wood, cotton and linen silk fabrics have different properties. High temperature, high humidity, low temperature, strong light, acid-containing solution, and alkali-containing solution all affect it. Therefore, the use of synthetic leather furniture should pay attention to several points:

.furniture to avoid high temperature. Excessive temperature will change the appearance of synthetic leather and stick to each other. Therefore, furniture should not be rotated near the stove, nor should it be placed on the side of the radiator, and do not let the sun light directly.

.Do not place furniture in rooms where the temperature is too low. If the temperature is too low or the cold air blows directly for a long time, the synthetic leather will be frozen, cracked and hardened.

.Do not place furniture in rooms with high humidity. Excessive humidity will cause the hydrolysis of synthetic leather to occur and develop, causing damage to the surface film and shortening the service life. Therefore, rooms such as bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens should not be equipped with synthetic leather furniture.

.When wiping synthetic leather furniture, do not use a wet towel or a wet cloth. Generally, it is better to wipe it with a dry cloth.

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