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What is the Classification of Luggage Fabric?
What is the Classification of Luggage Fabric? Feb 07, 2023

In our ordinary life, bags are actually considered one of the daily necessities, of which there are actually a variety of fabrics, today we will see, what are the classification of luggage fabrics? What to understand?

Synthetic leather materials

First of all, what is the classification of luggage fabrics, nowadays the market is more common is artificial leather, one of its characteristics is the relatively low price, and a variety of color options. At present in all aspects of operation is actually relatively wide, with the current industrial production continues to progress, nowadays the quality of artificial leather is actually progressing, the overall practicality has also been improved.

Genuine leather material

Previously we introduced artificial leather, and there is a material is actually genuine leather material, the use of natural animal skin. The characteristics of this is the overall texture is more saturated, and practicality is actually stronger, all aspects of the performance is also relatively good, but relatively speaking the style is relatively single.

Canvas fabric

Canvas can be used to make our common canvas bags, handbags and backpacks and other fabrics, he is mainly made of cotton or hemp as raw materials, this cloth feel thicker has a better wear resistance and water absorption, dirty and not easy to mold, so widely loved by the textile manufacturers.

Fiber cloth type material

This material can usually be used in the bag fabric, the same can also be used as lining material. And it has a variety of colors and patterns, and the overall wear resistance and water resistance are also good, naturally also favored by many manufacturers. Through our simple introduction, I think we actually have a certain understanding of what the classification of luggage fabrics.


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