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Microfiber Leather and Leather Which is Better?
Microfiber Leather and Leather Which is Better? Feb 20, 2023

First of all, the odor problem, you know that the leather itself is made of animal epidermis, although in the late did how much processing technology or, more or less still exist some odor. Especially in the sun's exposure, the odor emitted is more serious. And microfiber leather material made of leather, often the smell is not so serious, but if you buy some inferior products, may give off a plastic smell, so we must keep in mind when buying.

Second is the performance of the material, to know the car microfiber leather is in PU polyurethane added microfiber, so this material leather not only has a very excellent wear resistance, to a certain extent to extend the use of leather time, and in the breathability and flexibility are more outstanding, the delicate degree of touch is a great help. And these advantages, are the traditional natural leather can not reach.

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