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The Method of Processing the Leather Surface of the Microfiber Leather
The Method of Processing the Leather Surface of the Microfiber Leather Aug 01, 2022

In the processing of microfiber leather, what kind of method and process is adopted in the processing of microfiber leather has a decisive influence on the color and appearance of microfiber leather. So, in the process of processing, leather processing can take what methods? Let's introduce this problem to you.

  • The leather surface of microfiber leather can be processed into laser leather: also called laser leather, the latest leather varieties with various patterns etched on the leather surface by laser technology.


  • Water-dyed skin: refers to various soft skins made by bleaching and dyeing the head skin of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, etc. in various colors, falling loose on the upper drum, and polishing.


  • Printing or branding skin: The material is the same as the embossed skin, but the processing technology is different. It is the first or second layer skin with various patterns or patterns from printing or ironing.


  • Trimming skin: it is a poor first-layer skin blank. The surface is polished to remove scars and blood tendons on the surface. After spraying with various popular color skin pastes, it is pressed into granulated or smooth skin.


  • Patent leather: leather made by spraying various chemical raw materials with two layers of leather blank and then calendering or matting.

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