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How Much Do You Know About Microfiber Leather Sofas?
How Much Do You Know About Microfiber Leather Sofas? Aug 09, 2022

The full name of microfiber leather is "Microfiber Reinforced PU leather". It has excellent properties and is the best artificial leather. Now, the use of super fiber leather or super fiber products has gradually replaced the use of leather. Super fiber leather has super wear resistance, air permeability and good flexibility. The sofa made of super fiber leather has good air permeability, cold resistance and aging resistance.

The sofa made of microfiber  leather is superior to natural leather in thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brightness and leather surface utilization, and has become a good choice for contemporary sofas.

The microfiber  leather sofa has good stain resistance and light resistance, excellent environmental protection performance, good physical and mechanical performance, and comfortable hand feel. Its surface texture can be comparable to that of natural leather, and the shaping effect is good. It is not easy to shrink in water, so the super fiber leather sofa has high cost performance.

Give a new definition to the modern sofa with simplicity and lightness, or lie down or sit on the sofa to feel the delicate texture of the sofa. I believe a good super fiber leather sofa will bring good use effect.

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