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Processing Technology of Microfiber Leather
Processing Technology of Microfiber Leather Jun 01, 2022

The process of producing microfiber leather mainly includes two parts:  wet processing and  dry finishing.

The basic principle of the process is: the main component of microfiber is polyamide fiber, and according to data, the composition and structure of polyamide fiber is simpler than that of protein fiber, and only has carboxyl and amino groups at the end of the molecular chain. In the middle of the molecular chain, there are a large number of carbon chains and amide groups, without side chains. The amino content of polyamide fiber is low. The amino content of nylon 66 and nylon 6 are 0.04mol/kg (fiber) and 0.098mol/kg (fiber) respectively, which are about 1/20 and 1/10 of wool. The carboxyl content of polyamide fiber is higher than that of amino group. At the isoelectric point, the amino group exists in the form of-NH3 ion, while the carboxyl group only partially exists in the form of-COOH-ion.

Aiming at the structure of polyamide fiber, acid hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis technology are first used to chemically modify the superfine fiber, open its amide bond, and increase its active group; then use the retanning, filling, and filling of natural leather. Greasing and dyeing technology make the macromolecular tanning agent fill the superfine fibers, improve its water vapor permeability and other physical properties, and make the handfeel of the superfine fiber base cloth close to the real leather blank.

The basic principle of dry finishing is to use natural leather finishing technology combined with synthetic leather finishing technology for different purposes of the finished product, using back cover-fine lines-grinding-surface-fine lines-top coating-embossing-The soft process route can form a microfiber sofa leather with a leather appearance. The wet film is used to form the following layer to endow the microfiber base cloth with a grain surface similar to the real leather blank. The microfiber leather manufacturer said that on this basis, various real leather coating technologies such as rolle.

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