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Microfiber Leather is Widely Used in Safety Shoes
Microfiber Leather is Widely Used in Safety Shoes Jun 18, 2022

Safety shoes refer to special shoes worn in various workplaces to protect the feet from injury. More and more countries incorporate safety shoes into individual labor protection equipment. Due to the increasing shortage of leather resources, microfiber synthetic leather with air permeability and water resistance will be widely used in protective shoes and gradually replace leather.

According to relevant statistics, about 1/3 of industrial safety accidents are caused by stampedes, collisions, or injuries caused by objects, which often lead to foot injuries and even disabilities. Recently, more and more countries require industrial workers to wear protective shoes to prevent the danger of accidents.

As the concept of environmental protection is becoming more and more popular, governments of various countries have also issued various laws and regulations to limit the production process of high pollution leather, and the source of leather is limited, and the price is becoming more and more expensive. Some safety shoe manufacturers have also begun to seek leather substitutes, and the safety shoes with good performance have been born. More importantly, in some special occasions such as aseptic work occasions, the dermis is easy to rot and breed bacteria, which makes the imitation leather microfiber synthetic leather with stable performance in all aspects have obvious advantages when making safety shoes.


Compared with genuine leather, the disadvantage of microfiber leather is that it does not absorb sweat and breathable, and will feel uncomfortable and cover your feet. Therefore, the microfiber leather used for safety shoes must have the moisture permeability function close to that of genuine leather, and also have waterproof characteristics. Generally speaking, when wearing ultra-fiber leather safety shoes in rainy days, rain will not penetrate into the shoes, and at the same time, it can eliminate the sweat inside the shoes, so as not to cover your feet and feel uncomfortable.

Of course, safety shoes also have higher requirements for safety performance, such as anti-static and toe safety protection, which has high requirements for the physical properties of microfiber leather. Fortunately, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance and strength of microfiber synthetic leather for protective shoes have exceeded that of genuine leather, which is very suitable for industrial labor.

WINIW microfiber production is the most suitable microfiber leather for safety shoes. It has ultra-high physical properties and breathable, moisture permeable and waterproof functions. It is deeply loved by a wide range of consumers. Friends are welcome to buy.

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