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High-End Yet Stylish Sofa Microfiber Leather
High-End Yet Stylish Sofa Microfiber Leather Oct 13, 2022

Driven by the increasingly upgraded concept of quality life, consumers have higher and higher requirements for sofas. Traditional PU leather can no longer meet the quality requirements of high-end sofas. Sofa microfiber leather can effectively make up for this vacancy.

In fact, it is not uncommon for microfiber leather to be used on sofas, but the old type of lychee pattern microfiber leather seems to be more and more popular, which is incompatible with the exquisite quality. And traditional PU leather, although there are many styles, but the quality has made more and more manufacturers and consumers lose confidence. The market needs high-quality, durable, low-key and luxurious sofa leather, so WINIW microfiber oil wax microfiber leather was born.

As we all know, the leather used on the sofa must be soft to the touch and high in comfort; it must also be resistant to aging, friction, and torsion; tear strength and peel strength must also pass the test. This oil-waxed microfiber leather of WINIW microfiber leather has outstanding physical properties. It is produced in accordance with stricter shoe material standards than sofa materials. It can be said that the quality of sofas is very guaranteed.

What is even more rare is that this microfiber leather imitates the style of an oily leather, which is shiny and retro, as if a layer of oil wax has been rubbed into the surface of the leather, giving people a feeling of nostalgia and vicissitudes. Many customers saw this material on our website and were attracted by the appearance, but when they actually got it, they were shocked by the strong imitation leather and silky feel, and sighed, this is a good product. material!

At present, the thickness of this microfiber leather material is optional, there are more than a dozen popular colors, and the door width is 1.37 meters. The sofa technology is different, and the thickness of the microfiber leather also has different requirements, of course, it can also be customized.

Say goodbye to expensive top layer leather and inferior PU leather, WINIW microfiber sofa leather is worth having.

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