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Introduction of Microfiber Leather Base Fabric
Introduction of Microfiber Leather Base Fabric Oct 21, 2022

As we all know, the microfiber skin is made by coating, impregnating resin or laminating film on the microfiber base cloth and finishing it. Then the base cloth, as the base cloth of the microfiber skin, has a great influence on the performance of the microfiber skin, and the base cloth occupies the main part of the cost of the microfiber skin.

microfiber synthetic leather

The early PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather are basically made of knitted fabric, woven fabric, or synthetic fiber non-woven fabric as the base fabric. The important reason why the microfiber skin is different from PVC and ordinary PU is that it has a three-dimensional microfiber non-woven fabric as the base fabric. The core technology of this base fabric is the island-type microfiber processing technology invented by Japan's Toray. . Because it is very similar to the superfine collagen fibers of natural leather, the microfiber leather made of this base fabric is similar to natural leather in appearance, feel and physical properties.

Then in order to ensure the product quality of microfiber leather, there are also very strict requirements for the base fabric.

First of all, in terms of organizational structure, the microfiber skin base fabric is required to have a dense three-dimensional structure, the fibers are tightly intertwined with each other, and the structure is uniform.

Secondly, in terms of appearance and feel, the surface of the microfiber base cloth should be smooth, without various stitches and holes.

In addition, in terms of performance, the base fabric is required to be soft and comfortable, breathable and breathable, with high wear resistance and high strength.

microfiber leather Base

Microfiber leather is now widely used, and different application fields have different requirements for microfiber base cloth. For example, the microfiber leather base fabric used in shoemaking is the most demanding in terms of performance, because the microfiber shoe material is required to withstand extremely high permanent deformation, as well as high wear resistance and mechanical strength. WINIW's microfiber leather is deeply loved by everyone. Our products are of good quality, tear-resistant and wear-resistant.

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