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Environmentality of Microfiber Leather
Environmentality of Microfiber Leather Nov 11, 2022

Microfiber leather is the third generation of synthetic leather, compared with PVC leather and PU leather, its internal structure, performance, appearance and texture are better, compared with the real leather, its price is only 1/4-1/5 of the real leather, so in the past few years the microfiber leather industry has developed at a high speed, its application areas from the initial travel shoes, sports shoes to bags, shoes, car interiors, apparel and other fields, the consumption compound growth rate in the past 10 years In the past 10 years, the compound growth rate of consumption is more than 30%, and in the past 4 years, it is more than 20%.

Microfiber leather is a low carbon economy product of chemical science progress, it adopts advanced chemical science in the production process, not only save energy, and excellent product performance. And through a variety of technological innovation upgrade, microfiber leather in the production process can effectively control pollution emissions. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, and the protection of animal concept, the supply of natural leather will be greatly restricted. In addition, because the chemical science is also progressing, microfiber leather will carry out more process improvement in the future, microfiber leather is not going to be infinitely close to the real leather, but in more performance indicators to go beyond it. It is expected that in the near future, microfiber leather will occupy a broader market space!

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