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What is Imitation Leather?
What is Imitation Leather? Nov 21, 2022

Simulation leather is artificial leather, simulation leather with PVC, PU, PE and other film processing made of materials, with texture color gloss a wide range, good waterproof performance, wind and cold resistance, high utilization rate and cost-effective features, according to different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance and color, luster, pattern pattern made of simulation leather is widely used in the manufacture of clothing, shoes, leather goods, car floor rubber and other industries.

artificial leather

Because of the innovation of the production process, in recent years the surface of the imported imitation leather on the market and almost similar to the real leather, made of it clothing, shoes, leather goods are also very popular with the public, but the cost is more expensive than the general artificial leather. Simulated leather in windproof, waterproof, wear-resistant performance better than genuine leather, and texture color gloss a wide range of clothing, shoes, leather goods and other industries have been widely used.



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