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Artificial Leather is Recycled Leather?
Artificial Leather is Recycled Leather? Jan 10, 2023

Natural leather, artificial leather, recycled leather are the most common leather in life. Many people have such doubts - artificial leather is recycled leather? Below, we will answer this question for you.

  What is artificial leather?

  Artificial leather is on textile fabric base or non-woven fabric base, made by various different formulations of PVC and PU and other foam or lamination processing, can be made according to different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance and color, gloss, pattern pattern and other requirements, with a wide variety of colors, waterproof performance, neat edge, high utilization rate and relatively cheap price of genuine leather.

  But the vast majority of artificial leather, its feel and elasticity can not reach the effect of genuine leather; its longitudinal section, can see the fine bubble holes, cloth base or surface film and dry artificial fiber. It is a class of material that has been extremely popular in the early days until now, and is commonly used to make various leather products, or parts of leather materials. Its increasingly advanced production process is being widely adopted for the processing and production of two-layer leather.

  Nowadays, artificial leather, which is very similar to the characteristics of real leather, is produced and marketed, and its surface process is extremely fibrous tissue of the base material, almost reaching the effect of real leather, and its price is also comparable. However, leather and imitation leather (recycled leather and artificial leather) cannot be compared: unique hygiene (natural pores and fibers) and durability.

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