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What is Vegan Leather?
What is Vegan Leather? Nov 02, 2022

Vegan leather mainly refers to synthetic products. Most vegan leather is not processed cowhide or sheepskin, but is made of PVC and PU. Of course, there are some innovative products based on natural ingredients, such as leather made from cork, tree bark, pineapple leaves or apple peel. Manufacturers of high-quality vegan leather argue that most of it looks exactly like the real thing, but it doesn't perfect over time like animal leather does.

Vegan leather

Why is vegan leather growing in popularity? Because environmentally conscious consumers don't just worry about food, they think about food, clothing, housing and transportation. There is a strong attraction to having an alternative that is almost identical to animal leather products and thus avoids causing animal suffering. Some companies are already making products that avoid animal skins, and Tesla is even launching a "completely vegetarian" car. They are turning to synthetic and natural materials to make leather.

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