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What is the Material of Pu Leather?
What is the Material of Pu Leather? Dec 05, 2022

What is the material of pu leather? PU leather is made by treating the second and third layers of inner leather and defective leather of natural leather through a special film-making process, and covering the surface of the leather with a polyurethane PU surface layer, which makes the surface of the leather appear various colors and multi-colored. Various patterns, without losing the advantages of leather breathability and folding resistance, it has its own uniqueness in appearance and waterproof performance.

The emergence of microfiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The non-woven fabric of its three-dimensional structure network creates the conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with natural leather in terms of substrate. Combining the newly developed PU slurry impregnation with open-pore structure and the processing technology of composite surface layer, this product exerts the huge surface area and strong water absorption of ultra-fine fibers, making the ultra-fine PU synthetic leather have a beam-like ultra-fine The inherent hygroscopic properties of natural leather of collagen fibers are comparable to high-grade natural leather in terms of internal microstructure, appearance texture, physical properties, and people's wearing comfort.

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