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How do you Distinguish Leather?
How do you Distinguish Leather? Jul 15, 2022

How to distinguish so many kinds of Leather? Today I will teach you how to distinguish.

Leather kinds of leather have similarities in appearance and internal structure, such as horse skin and cow skin, cattle skin and yak skin, donkey skin and sheep skin, kangaroo skin and calf skin, etc. With the improvement of leather processing technology, leather can be beyond recognition after finishing, decoration and imitation embossing. Some of its original features are covered, and then after cutting, segmentation and exquisite sewing, it is almost difficult to identify what kind of leather it belongs to with the naked eye. In order to pursue profits, some manufacturers will take advantage of the similarities in the appearance of different leather to steal beams and change pillars or adopt matching methods in the production, such as using horse skin as cow leather, yak skin as cow leather, donkey skin as sheep skin, etc. In businesses, it is also common to hang the logo of "genuine leather" or "cow leather" on leather products. In order to promote their own products, individual salespersons did not make a detailed introduction, resulting in customers' wrong selection and purchase.

Here are some common identification methods:

  • Comparison between cow leather and horse leather: the pores on the surface of cow leather are round and extend straightly into the leather. The pores are tight and uniform, arranged irregularly, like stars in the sky; However, the pores of horse leather are oval, larger than those of cow leather. They are inclined into the leather in a vein shape and arranged regularly. The leather surface is soft and loose, and the color is dim and bright, which is not as good as cow leather.
  • Comparison between cattle hide and yak skin: cattle hide has relatively symmetrical fine pores, while yak skin has relatively thick and sparse pores.
  • Comparison between sheepskin and donkey skin: sheepskin has fish scale pores and feels better than donkey skin. In recent years, with the growth of people's knowledge about the medicinal properties of donkey skin, donkey skin is rarely used in handbags.  
  • Compared with pig skin, cow skin has fine and dense pores, irregular arrangement, and smooth leather; The pores of pigskin are arranged in a triangle shape, and the cortex is loose.

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